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I may not know what&#8217;s going on with us, I don&#8217;t know if this is a test from the universe seeing if we can get through tough shit, but whatever it is, I do know that you mean the world to me. Never in my life have I been attracted to someone&#8217;s energy the way I am attracted to yours. You have shown and taught me things that I&#8217;ve never been shown or taught by anyone else. I&#8217;ve never experienced the same things with anyone else like I have with you. Since the day I met you, I knew I was in for something, I knew this was gonna be something big. Alex, I know things with us are super duper weird and I wish I could fix it, but I fucking love you. You put up with my crazy, psycho ass. We piss each other off, we say things sometimes without even thinking, but I don&#8217;t think I could ever have you leave my life. You were not only my boyfriend, you&#8217;re my best friend. I can&#8217;t thank you enough for everything that we went through. I rejoice about our good times and I apologize about our bad times. Thank you for everything. &lt;333